Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up

Wow its been too long... So much has happened that now is slipping my mind. We had family visit us right before Jacks hair cut. Denise and her family were able to stop by on their way home from Cali, and then a few weeks later Kevin and his family came into town for a quick trip. It was so nice to see everyone, even nicer because I got them to myself...hahahaha Steve and Jenn happened to be out of town both times so it was so great to be able to totally have the fam all to my self.... Jack had a follow up ECHO. He had to be sedated which I was not looking forward to but he did amazing. Once he came out of it he was in a really good mood, which was so shocking as we have had very different experiences before. But we were told before the echo that we would be able to get results after Jack woke up. That was exciting as it was a Friday and i totally didn't want to wait a whole weekend and maybe even longer to talk to our doctor about the results. Well we went to get the results and were sort of let down to hear that really that was not going to be the case as our Cardiologist wasn't at Primarys that day so we would have to wait... but then I guess my face was screaming disappointment so much that the girl grabed the on call doctor and had him look at the results. He came in and started by saying that he didn't know Jacks history but by looking at the test everything looked good. Everything was normal there was no sign of pulmonary hypertension.... STOP I stoped hearing everything he was saying at that point.. i was like did he really say there were no signs of Pulmonary Hypertension??? I stopped him and then told him how Jack was there 6months ago to repair a VSD that was causing pulmonary hypertension.... and the doctor was like well in that case his results look great.... I could not believe it. it was gone the whole reason for Jacks surgery back in August was gone... i knew there was a possibility but never thought it would be true. I never knew how much of a weight that was on my shoulder until it wasn't there anymore. We saw the amount of blood that was going through the hole in Jacks heart back in July but still even after seeing that it was still so hard to know if putting Jack through such a major surgery was the right thing... that is until we got the news from the echo. Then the next week i got the call from our actual Cardiologist and the news was the same.... except we were told that we would just need to make another appointment in 6 months.... hopefully the next news we will get will be "see you in a year" : ) We will see, but in the meantime he is doing amazing, Marley is right on his heels and Elle is growing up too fast, telling me before she goes to bed that she has to send a text.... which by the way the closest thing to a cell phone that she has is her leapster.... Today when I picked her up from school a little boy was saying bye Elle and then he ran up and gave her a hug... i told Steve and he said are you trying to kill me... hahaha get used to it now Dad I'm afraid we are just at the very beginning.......

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  1. YAY! That's great news. I'm happy everything came back looking good. Can't wait to see you and whichever one of your kids comes with you. Hopefully we can talk soon via phone before then.