Tuesday, January 29, 2013


No I'm not crazy I promise....  If you only knew what these pictures meant...  Finally and not only finally but in Grand Style my boy was fully just feeding himself...  This is a HUGE victory, and he was ready, and very smart... I mean if someone is going to do everything for you why not let them?  He knew that this whole time....  Silly little man...
So when I put my foot down and laid down the law (it was very serious, and very scary), he casually picked up the spoon and was like whats the big deal....  I on the other hand, was like the paparazzi and that one crazy person who is always cheering on the team (aka screaming) at sports events -I have a picture of my mom in my head for some reason ; )...
But not Jack, he was just chillin,  picking a little bit of yogurt here, some applesauce here, looking at me like Mom whats the big deal, but posing for pictures at the same time.  It was such a great thing to watch, and be a part of... seeing Elle jump up and down for him and hear Marley say in her cute little voice,  "Jack you are so awesome" lol..   It was one of those moments that just hit you,  and we will chalk one more victory up on our scoreboard of Life....


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  2. Yay! Way to go Jack. Now starts your road to independance :) How sweet are those sisters?!?! And I would have been snapping away too. HUGE day :)