Monday, January 7, 2013

What to do What to do?

So I am finding it is time to get Marley signed up for preschool next year....  which is freaking me out a little...  I can't believe she is there, at that age...  every fall would come and i would be there goes Elle off to school, little Jack man had his preschool and my Marley was home with me...  The thought of that changing is so weird.  And to add to it I have the decision of what to do with my little superman.  He turns 5 in May, but I will not be putting him into Kindergarten next year, as we have a ways to go and are not close to being ready...  But I need to figure out where to take him.  Sometimes I feel like when he goes to preschool now its just a few free hours of  babysitting.  Not that I expect him to come out reading the dictionary, but I want him to be challenged.  To really see what he can do, because I know he can do more than he is showing us... he just wants everything to be on his timeline... and that is hard for Mom.  So i have gone back and forth on where to send him... do i put him in the same spot Marley will be, even though I have no idea if they have experience with a special needs child, and will he get the extra therapy he needs there,  or do I continue with the school district preschool, where it seems like each year he is in a different school with diff therapists and teachers.  Oh I don't know and it is something I want to just ignore and hope it will go away, but is also something I know I need to face up to and deal with...  To top things off I also feel the January/February funk coming on.... I think its mainly because it has been so incredibly cold here.. Every day is so so so cold... and then its also smoggy, and is not fun to think about breathing such ugly air...   We sold our house at the end of November, and can't even start the new one until probably February due to the cold weather... so that makes me miss our old home, and the views we had, i had to drive up to the old neighborhood the other day to drop off something at a friends and I had Jack with me, and it  broke my heart... he started laughing and like dancing in his car seat, his eyes were so big and he was looking around everywhere, he was so excited to be back there, I think he thought we were going to the house because when we were leaving he got so mad, he was kicking the seat and giving me this look, and he was so sad,  i was totally not expecting that, but understand how he was feeling, we all loved that house so much, it was just time...  Hopefully things will start to look up and the cruddy air will clear and show me what in the world I'm supposed to be doing...

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  1. You're back!!! So happy to see. You're smart to just pick up and start writing from now . . . I'm playing catch up since I took a 2 month break. Good luck with your decisions. And I can't believe Marley starts preschool next year. CRAZY!